Ma*Shuqa’s Diva Day Professional Development Workshop #2

Sunday, April 13, 2014  2 - 4 p.m. (free Book Club event follows same day 4 - 6 p.m.)

Workshop Topic #2   Raqs Sharqi and Shaabi:

What’s the Difference?

Styling differences, dalaa, Shabibi, Masmoudi drum solo, slow sensuous Maksoum, Mergence and Qaflas, learn about syncopation, layered shimmies and accents, mawal, hagalla,

To the music on the new  CD by Dr. Samy Farag “Cairo Nights Vol 3

Do you know these rhythms?  Wahda Saghira, Malfuf, Maksoum, Arabic Rumba, Ayoubi, Saidi, Baladi

Dance styles and styling: Mahmoud Reda, Lucy, Dina, Raia Hassan, Diana Tarkan, Mona Said, Meleya Lef

What is a Qafla?  How to recognize it in the music, and how to dance it? 

Fee only $20 (applicable to Dance Class Card or Private Classes with Ma*Shuqa if purchased at the Diva Pro Workshop)

Location:  Ma*Shuqa & Carl’s Dance and Photography Studio

15651 Camino Del Cerro, Los Gatos, CA 95032 (408) 356-9473

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