Welcome back to belly dance classes with Ma*Shuqa – inside the dance studio.

Effective Saturday, March 6, 2021  indoor classes resume. March 20, 2021 the State moved the County of Santa Clara into the Yellow Tier allowing 100% capacity for indoor gyms). 

We have a special air purifying system in place that kills viruses, bacteria, and filters pollen and particulates. Good clean air safe from COVID, asthma, and seasonal allergies.

All students show proof of vaccination. Classes open to dancers 12 years of age and older who are vaccinated.

New Student Class Fee Special Discount: $10 discount at first class  on 5/class $60 cards. $10 discount on 10/class cards $110  class card.

Come see my unique Rhinestone blinged masks. Special pricing for students. See images of rhinestone masks at www.carlsermonphotography.zenfolio.com - (type "masks" into search bar.)  Special price for my dance students who purchase at the studio.

Ma*Shuqa offers classes each week.  See student reviews on Yelp.com and Google.com and at MaShuqa.com

Drop In or Start at Any time  No need to pre-register or reserve space.  Come to your first class 10 minutes early to complete a short form. Wear a mask , wear shoes, and layers.  Bring or borrow finger cymbals and yoga mat.

Studio Belly Dance Classes Indoors 

Ma*Shuqa's Hidden Garden Oasis Dance Studio

15651 Camino Del Cerro, Los Gatos, CA 95032

(408) 356-9473   mashuqadancer@gmail.com

Ma*Shuqa's Weekly Class Schedule - (Check below for dates without classes) 

No classes on Saturdays:    July 30, August 6, August 13, August 20, September 10, September 24, November 12, 2022

Tuesday all Levels: 7:00 - 8:30 pm

Wednesday all levels: 1:00-2:30 pm, and 7:00-8:30 pm

Class fees: Drop in $20, 5 classes/$60, 10 classes/$110. Discount class cards may be shared with family and friends.

New Students Special $10 discount on dance card with discounted fee if purchased at the first class.  Receive a $10 discount on purchases of 5-class cards ($50/regular price $60) and 10 class cards ($100/regular price $110) if purchased at first class.

Safety from COVID virus. We will be safe from COVID – we have an industrial quality air purifier that removes: viruses, bacteria, pollen, and particulates from the air. We will also make sure there is sufficient airflow through the studio with open windows and ventilating air out the studio into the garage. We have AC heating and cooling too. Anyone who has seasonal allergies or asthma will appreciate the very clean air during classes.

COVID safety procedures when we can return to the studio for indoor classesMasks required at all times.  We have a commercial air cleaner that removes bacteria, pollen, viruses, and dust.  Wear layers as the studio air will be vented and breezy.

1)   Enter the gate, walk through the garden to the studio.

2)   Enter studio and sanitize hands.

3)   Get temperature check and sign into the COVID contact tracing class list.

4)   First class – please complete an “information sheet”.

5)   Bring finger cymbals, yoga mat, hip sash. (You may borrow these items – they are sanitized after use).

6)   Social distance during class. If more dancers attend than can social distance, dancers will rotate and some will be seated and practice finger cymbal rhythms.

7)   Exiting class and studio – Take a hand sanitizer packet or bring your own hand sanitizer to use after class and you exit the gate.

 New music I’ve just reviewed in written articles will be used in classes. “Cairo Nights Vol. 10” by Dr. Samy Farag – classical Egyptian pieces and Shaabi. “Unveiled” by the Ed Melikian Ensemble – Armenian and Middle Eastern pieces – with exciting rhythms: 2/4, 4/4, 5/8, 7/8, 6/8, 9/8 and 10/8. Bring your finger cymbals to enjoy dancing to melodies with these different musical styles (Armenian, Turkish, and Arabic styling) – what fun we’ll have. As always, Ma*Shuqa Method instruction foci are rhythms, musicality, dance movement combinations for improvisation – with instruction on the option to stylize your dancing and performance.

We will be well and stay healthy and happy dancing.

See my beautiful Rhinestone Blinged Masks at www.CarlSermonPhotography.Zenfolio.com – search “Masks”.

 Ma*Shuqa Mira Murjan MPH


You may attend more than one class per week.
Want to dance like Shakira?  Come enjoy the art of Belly Dance.

Student Recommendation from Ajanae
The highlight of my week is escaping the rush of Silicon Valley to go to Ma*Shuqa’s School of Belly Dance, a beautiful private dance studio tucked away from prying eyes; a serene retreat with greenhouse ceiling and walls that look out on a verdant garden with Egyptian papyrus, tall California redwood trees, and tropical plants. Ma*Shuqa Mira Murjan’s Hidden Garden Oasis dance studio offers me respite from the world – a safe and beautiful learning environment. Dance is my love and passion; I am not a professional dancer but after studying with Ma*Shuqa for a couple of years I am comfortable saying that I’m an advanced dancer. I love that Ma*Shuqa’s classes are all levels—from the person just seeking to embrace a new experience of their femininity, body aesthetic and enjoyment to the professional polishing a competition routine—Ma*Shuqa is a local treasure with international recognition in the belly dance world. As a dancer, the Ma*Shuqa Method, which includes many handouts and deeply researched explanations, has taken my understanding of the context, culture, and expression of belly dance beyond the superficial “shake your hips” of YouTube instruction. Her method is an intentional way to develop elegance of style, high standards for improvised performance with live music and a unique dance signature styling. The Ma*Shuqa method encourages and enables dancers to perform improvised dance that matches Middle Eastern musicality and makes beautifully accomplished and musical dancers who are all individually unique. I’ve learned to dance in a way that mirrors the music so closely, that I almost feel like the music is living inside of me. Ma*Shuqa has an incredible music collection and plays new music every class—I am always filled with joy when my dance matches the musicality of the music. Beyond preparing for performance (which I do occasionally) the weekly class is always an opportunity to experience the surprising, satisfying and singular experience of moving to unknown music as if being compelled by an unknown force—it is truly magical—and the way that learned to understand music from Ma*Shuqa allows me to have this experience. I’ve studied with many teachers, and the hallmark of studying with Ma*Shuqa is becoming profoundly versed in musical interpretation. In every class we listen to new music to define, assess, and identify the many elements of music; then create beautiful dance movement to match the elements of musicality in the music. I love studying with Ma*Shuqa, it is one of my top priorities. Hope to see you in class!