Dance Class Cards - discounts on classes
Ma*Shuqa's Dance and Photography Studio: 15651 Camino Del Cerro (@ Edmund Drive), Los Gatos, CA 95032 USA (408) 356-9473  (Call for gate entry information to the dance studio).

Dance Class Card Policy

Ma*Shuqa welcomes you to her dance studio and offers Dance Class Cards
with special fees for pre-paid dance classes.  No expiration date.  No requirement to take classes within a specified timeframe.  Come to class when you wish, take as many classes each week as you wi9sh.

drop-in rate for weekly/group classes is $20./class.

Save money on weekly dance lessons with Ma*Shuqa when you purchase a Dance Class Card” (herein after as “DC card”).

Save $8. per class -purchase a 5 class card for only $60. ($12. per class). Or, save  $9. per class - purchase a 10 class card for only $110. ($11. per class).

Dance Class Card Usage Policies

1 Redeemable for weekly classes and the DC card may be used for either the Tuesday evening  Class or the Wednesday afternoon or evening  Class. You may take two or three classes in one week if you wish and the DC card rates value will apply to each class.

2. Dance Class cards never expire, may be shared with family and friends, or applied to the fee for private coaching class.

3. Add more ClassesPurchase 5 classes & add more later. A DC card may be purchased for 5 classes; later 5 more classes can be added to the same DC card at the $60/5 class rate.

4. Transferable or Shared. The purchaser of the DC card or anyone presenting the DC card for class is entitled to classes at the class DC card discount rate. Cards may be shared by dancers, but must be presented to receive the DC card discount rate. If you or another person sharing the card has the card in their possession and is not present for class, the drop-in class fee applies. Cards will be punched for each class taken.

5. Card Present and Punched. Cards will be punched for each class taken. The DC card must be presented to receive the discounted class fee rate; otherwise the regular $20 /class drop-in rate applies to the class. If you have forgotten or lost your card, the drop-in class fee applies. Most students leave their dance card in a plastic name tag at the studio.

6. Gift Cards. DC cards may be purchased as a gift for another person. DC cards purchased as a gift may be redeemed for weekly classes, private classes, and other merchandise from Ma*Shuqa’s Boutique (e.g. Ma*Shuqa’s dancewear, costumes, hip sashes, or music) or services (Reel Sound and Light Productions photos) at full value. DC cards must be presented for redemption of cash value.

7. Use for DC card for weekly classes on either daytime, evening, and/or private classes (or semi-private classes). The DC card discount rate applies not only to weekly classes. Privately scheduled dance lessons for groups or individuals are scheduled at private lesson rates, but the value remaining on the Dance Class card may be applied to private or semi-private classes.

8. DC cards redeemable for classes taken at Ma*Shuqa's Dance Studio. However, the DC card does not apply to Ma*Shuqa’s monthly Studio Workshops, or to Workshops scheduled at Ma*Shuqa’s studio with other instructors.

9. DC cards are applicable only to Ma*Shuqa’s classes held at Ma*Shuqa’s studio

10. Ma*Shuqa reserves the right to change the weekly group class schedule. See her website for class schedule changes.

11. Lost Dance Class cards may not be replaced - possession and use is the responsibility of the purchaser.